The Insult

Ziad Doueiri

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The Insult tells, following a trivial incident, the violent dispute between a Christian from Lebanese origin and a Palestinian Muslim.
Thus began a long trial in which Palestinians and Lebanese Christians compete to a national level.

  • Director Ziad Doueiri
  • With Adel Karam
  • Christine Choueiri
  • Kamel El Bacha
  • Rita Hayek
  • Elie Njem
  • Tatal El Jurdi
  • Camil Salameh
  • Diamand Bou Abboud
  • Georges Daou
  • Storyline Joëlle Touma
  • Storyline Ziad Doueiri
  • Director of Photography Tommaso Fiorilli
  • Cameraman Nicolas Cagniard
  • Operator assistant Lucie Colombié
  • 1st Assistant Director Gilles Tarazi
  • Film set secretary Jowe Harfouche
  • Chief Editor Dominique Marcombe
  • Assistant Editor Amélie Bouillon
  • Sound Editor Olivier Walczak
  • Sound Engineer Guilhem Donzel
  • Sound assistant Rawad Hobeika
  • Mixing Bruno Mercère
  • Decorator chief Johan Knudsen
  • Artistic Director Hussein Baydoun
  • Decorateur assistant Nizar Baydoun
  • Chief Costume Designer Lara Khamis
  • Production director Lucie Bouilleret
  • Stage Manager Abboud Nagham
  • Chief Makeup Artist Stéphanie Aznarez
  • Chief Electrician Chady Chehade
  • Chief Machinist Melik Makhzoum
  • Script Amélie Bérard
  • Original music Éric Neveux
  • Delegate co-producer Jean Bréhat
  • Delegate co-producer Julie Gayet
  • Coproducer Ziad Doueiri
  • Production Rouge international
  • Coproduction Tessalit Productions
  • Douri Films
  • Ezekiel Film Production
  • Scope Pictures
  • Export / International sales Indie sales
  • French Distributor (Theatrical Release) Diaphana