Bitter sweet comedy / Fiction

8 Times Up

Xabi Molia

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  • Release on April 14, 2010
  • Duration: 1h43
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Elsa lives on casual jobs : at night, she cleans buses in a deserted depot. During the day, despite being sleepy, Elsa looks after a young and wealthy couple’s child. She feels unable to take care of her own son, who lives with his father. In the hope of getting a “real” job, she goes from one job interview to the next… Mathieu, her next-door neighbour, keeps on failing interviews too. One day, Elsa is evicted from her flat. She begins an uncertain life, with a potted plant as a fellow sufferer, as well as Mathieu, who from time to time tries to offer her some love she is not ready to accept. The temptation of dropping out on everything leads her into the forest, where Mathieu has found refuge and set up his camp. For a time they live apart from civilization, but they both know that one day they will have to come back and confront the world, or leave it for good.

About the director

Xabi Molia, b. 1977, started writing stories at 22 with his first novel "Fourbi", published by Gallimard (2000). After his literature studies at École Normal Supérieure, he pursued his novelist Activity (with a writing grant awarded by The Lagardère Foundation) and starts making short films. He directed his first feature film Eight Times Up in 2009. Since then, he has made a second feature film in 2013, The Conquerors.

  • Director Xabi Molia
  • Elsa Julie Gayet
  • Mathieu Denis Podalydès
  • Cécile Constance Dollé
  • Boni Mathieu Busson
  • The young man Jérôme Thibault
  • Etienne Kevyn Frachon
  • Monroe Christian Erickson
  • The guard Marc Bodnar
  • Jean-Baptiste Frédéric Bocquet
  • Storyline Xabi Molia
  • Director of Photography Martin de Chabaneix
  • Editor Sébastien Sarraillé
  • Casting Director David Bertrand (II)
  • Production Coordinator Anne Giraudau
  • Sound Engineer Benjamin Rosier
  • Mixing Christophe Vingtrinier
  • Sound Editor Boris Chapelle
  • Press Officer Laurence Granec
  • Press Officer Karine Ménard
  • Producer Christie Molia
  • Producer Julie Gayet
  • Producer Nadia Turincev
  • Production Moteur s'il vous plaît
  • Production Rouge international
  • French Distributor (Theatrical Release) UFO Distribution
  • Export/International Distribution UFO Distribution