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Cristián Jiménez

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  • Release on November 9, 2011
  • Duration: 1h32
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San Sebastian
Cannes International Film Festival (Un Certain Regard)
Toronto International Film Festival

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At the end of this film, Emilia dies and Julio remains alone.
Actually, Julio had remained alone several years before Emilia’s death.

What matters is that at the end, Emilia dies and Julio does not die.

Julio lives and Emilia does not live.
The rest is fiction.

About the director

Cristián Jiménez was born in VAldivia, chile in 1975, beforce becoming a filmmaler. He wrote some short strories and studied sociology in London. He wrote and directed Ilusiones Ôpticas (2009), presented in San Sebastiàn, as well as bonsài (2011), which premiered in CAnnes "Un Certain Regard". Cristián Jiménez also made several art videos and short films, rewarded in vaious festivals (El Esoro de los Caracoles), contributed to numerous films for TV and theatrical releases as a screenwiter. He also directed some episodes of a very popular Chilean TV show, El Reemplazante, participated in the WEB documentary project MAFI.TV (selected at the IDFA) and directed the music video of english pop star Mika "Origin of Love". As a child, Jiménez's dream was to becom a stand-up comedian.

  • Director Cristián Jiménez
  • Julio Diego Noguera
  • Emilia Natalia Galgani
  • Barbara Gabriela Arancibia
  • Gazmuri Hugo Medina
  • Blanca Trinidad Gonzalez
  • Vecina Ingrid Isensee
  • Vendedora Paola Lattus
  • Hippie Cristóbal Briceño
  • The eccentric poet Julio Carrasco
  • Alumna Alicia Rodriguez
  • Claudio Andrés Waas
  • Storyline Cristián Jiménez
  • Storyline Alejandro Zambra
  • Director of Photography Inti Briones
  • Chief Editor Soledad Salfate
  • Production Designer Jorge Zambrano
  • Casting Director Soledad Gaspar
  • Production Coordinator José Luis Rivas
  • 1st Assistant Director Waldo Salgado
  • Wardrobe Mary Ann Smith
  • Script Antonia Olivares
  • Sound Engineer Manuel Robles
  • Sound Engineer Cristian Freund
  • Mixing Jean-Guy Véran
  • Press Officer Laurence Granec
  • Press Officer Karine Ménard
  • Producer Bruno Bettati
  • Producer Julie Gayet
  • Producer Nadia Turincev
  • Coproducer Natacha Cervi
  • Coproducer Hernan Musaluppi
  • Coproducer Pandora da Cunha Telles
  • Associate Producer Etienne Mallet
  • Associate Producer David Gauquie
  • Associate Producer Julien Deris
  • Associate Producer Nicolas Lesage
  • Export/International Distribution Rizoma Films
  • Production Rouge international
  • Production Jirafa Films
  • Production Ukbar Filmes
  • France Distributor (Theatrical Release) UFO Distribution