Fix ME

Raed Antoni

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  • Release on November 17, 2010
  • Duration: 1h38
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BAFICI (Human Rights Award)
Carthage Film Festival (Gold Tanit for Best Documentary)
FIDADOC (Audience Award)

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Raed Andoni has a tension headache — one that has lasted generations and isn’t going to end soon. That’s because Raed is a Palestinian living in the Ramallah, where the prospects for a stress-free life are elusive.

While he cannot work and feels very confused, Raed decides to get help and goes to the psychiatry department of the Ramallah hospital.

Fix ME follows Raed through 20 therapy sessions as he tries to cure his unwelcome condition. Next to the consultation room is another room with a one-way glass, which usually allows interns to observe and learn from the therapy sessions.

Raed films his own therapy to allow the audience to enter the psyche of this strange character, a Palestinian cousin of Woody Allen and Nanni Moretti and to discover his world.

The internal terrain of displacement and alienation that is revealed to his therapist and through his daily encounters with friends and family mimics the lived reality of thousands of Palestinians who are themselves displaced from their history and homeland.

About the director

Raed Antoni was born in 1967 in the west bank, as a self-taught man, he contributes to developing independant cinema in Palestine. He started as a producer and co-founded "Dar Films" an independant production company based in Ramallah. He produced several rewarded documentaries, such as the Inner Tour, Live From Palestine and Invasion. Raed Andoni is also the co-founder of Aarisian based production company "Les Films de Zayna", his first documentary as director, Improvisation, Samir et ses Frères, is an intimate portrait of the musicians of trio Joubran and was presented in many international film fistivals. Fix Me is his first feature film, shot in Ramallah, in coproduction with Arte France Cinéma, AKKA films, Dar and Les Films de Zayna. The film premiered in Sundance, in 2010.

  • Director Raed Antoni
  • Raed Andoni
  • Nasri Qumsia
  • Fathi Flefel
  • Yousra Andoni
  • Majd Andoni
  • Issam Andoni
  • Jihan Isaac-Andoni
  • Rand Andoni
  • Ramez Andoni
  • Ghassan Andoni
  • Mohsen Subhi
  • Graham Davis
  • Bruce Inglis
  • Joshua Talbot
  • Mofed Awwad
  • Omar Dabbor
  • Ahmad Sajadiya
  • Nasser El Horani
  • Ragheda Andoni-Isaac
  • Shawki Abu Farha
  • Bassem Al Ajouz
  • Storyline Raed Andoni
  • Director of Photography Filip Zumbrunn
  • Director of Photography Aldo Mugnier
  • Chief Editor Tina Baz
  • Editor Saed Andoni
  • Assistant Director Esmail El Habbash
  • Assistant Editor Ala’ Abu Ghoush
  • Cameraman Mathieu Cauvile
  • Cameraman Hanna Abu Sada
  • Sound Engineer Masaki Hatsui
  • Perchman Issa Qumseyah
  • Perchman Alla Khoury
  • Perchman Majd Andoni
  • Buzzer Nicolas Becker
  • Olivier Goinard
  • Sound Editor Julien Bourdeau
  • Sound Editor Vincent Montrobert
  • Assistant Editor Samer Qatta
  • Foley Recordist Frédéric Rouaud
  • Consultant Olivier Lorele
  • Consultant Saleh Bakri
  • Chief Electrician Nadim Housari
  • Lighting Mohannad Yacoubi
  • Press Officer Agnès Chabot
  • Producer Nicolas Wadimoff
  • Producer Nadia Turincev
  • Producer Julie Gayet
  • Delegate Producer Palmyre Badinier
  • Executive Producer Raed Andoni
  • Production Sophie Dulac Distribution
  • Coproduction Arte France Cinéma
  • Coproduction Akka Films
  • Coproduction Rouge international
  • Coproduction Dar Films
  • Coproduction Les Films de Zayna
  • Coproduction Sophie Dulac Distribution