Of Rolls and Men

Charlotte Pouch

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  • Duration: 1h10


Summer 2014, Roanne, France.

Bel Maille textile factory has become the set of a film The Boss’ Daughter, a romantic and social comedy.

The workers there -knitters of the factory- are acting in the film, playing their own part under the eyes of filmmaker Olivier Loustau.

Simultaneous reflection and parallels!

While the filmmaker is filming a factory threatened to close down, the factory faces a receivership at the same time. The working reality catches on with the fiction.

I follow this true cinema and workers story until the definitive closing of the factory.

Behind closed-door, in this almost exclusively masculine atmosphere, I write, with the knitters, a workers and cinematographic tale, that is, after all, not quite common.

  • Director Charlotte Pouch
  • Editor Cécile Dubois
  • Editor Cécile Dessertine
  • Editor assistant Véronique Algan
  • Sound Editor Sandy Notarianni
  • Mixing Matthieu Deniau
  • Color grading Raphaël Vandenbussche
  • Original music Paul Prier
  • Distributor Rouge Distribution
  • Producer Rouge International