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Liu Bingjian

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  • Duration: 1h25
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Beijing. Middle of the 90’s. Hongtao, thirty years old, has moved from the countryside to Beijing, where he works at a fancy restaurant.

He has been carrying an odd secret since the Cultural Revolution happened. Back then, his father was a famous Mao portrait painter. He was obsessed with the leader’s representation and started tattooing Mao on human skins and more specifically his. Hongtao, oppressed by this heavy inheritance, wants to hide it. But a new wave of unscrupulous antique collectors is ready to do anything in order to catch him…

About the director

Liu Bingjian was born in 193. His first feature film Yanchuang (Inkstone, 1996), is the first movie that was eved brought by a Hollywood company since the creationg of People's Replucic of China. His second fetur film, Nannan Nunu (Men & Women, 1999), is an independant production. He bears a realistic and humorious gaze at homosexuality in chinese society. The film won the FIPRESCI price at the 52nd Locarno Film Festival. He then directs Ku Qi de Nu Ren (Les Larmes de Mme Wang, 2002), which was presented in Cannes, Un Certain Regard and received a Special Jury Mention for the main feminine part. Chun Hua Kay (Plastic Flowers, 2004) his fourth feature film was selected, among others, in Toronto, Belin and the Hoing Kong Film Festival.

  • Director Liu Bingjian
  • Hu Bing
  • Xu Ning
  • Xu Chengfeng
  • Jia Yuanyuan
  • Chen Youwang
  • Hairong Tiantian
  • Storyline Liu Bingjian
  • Storyline Deng Ye
  • Storyline Jing Ge
  • Director of Photography Zheng Jiansong
  • Sound Engineer Yang Yuhui
  • Assistant Director Xu Ni
  • Assistant Director Liu Fei
  • Script Fang Yue
  • Editor Mao Hui
  • Sound Editor Aymeric Devoldere
  • Mixing Jean-Paul Hurier
  • Production Apsaras Film
  • Production CS Production
  • Production HRTV Production Inc.
  • Production Pro East Entertainment LTD