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Cristián Jiménez

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  • Duration: 1h35
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Festival International du film d'environnement
Miami International Film Festival (Knight Competition - US Première)

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Sofía has been back in Valdivia for quite some time, while Ana just returned after living in Paris for several years, doing a PhD. Sofía’s trouble is that her kids, raised as perfect vegetarians, are obsessed with the idea of eating meat.  Ana’s trouble is finding a house that pleases her. While Sofía’s professional life doesn’t seem to go anywhere, Ana’s is just doing great.

An unexpected event however will change things drastically, as their father decides to leave their mother. Although both Sofia and Ana are in their 30s, they will again be daughters and sisters, getting lost once more, willingly or not, in the family scandals’ labyrinth.

About the director

Cristián Jiménez was born in VAldivia, chile in 1975, beforce becoming a filmmaler. He wrote some short strories and studied sociology in London. He wrote and directed Ilusiones Ôpticas (2009), presented in San Sebastiàn, as well as bonsài (2011), which premiered in CAnnes "Un Certain Regard". Cristián Jiménez also made several art videos and short films, rewarded in vaious festivals (El Esoro de los Caracoles), contributed to numerous films for TV and theatrical releases as a screenwiter. He also directed some episodes of a very popular Chilean TV show, El Reemplazante, participated in the WEB documentary project MAFI.TV (selected at the IDFA) and directed the music video of english pop star Mika "Origin of Love". As a child, Jiménez's dream was to becom a stand-up comedian.

  • Director Cristián Jiménez
  • With Ingrid Isensee
  • Maria Siebald
  • Paulina Garcia
  • Cristian Campos
  • Niels Schneider
  • Shenda Roman
  • Maite Neira
  • Luca Miranda
  • Andrés Waas
  • Cristobal Palma
  • Storyline Cristián Jiménez
  • Storyline Daniel Castro
  • Director of Photography Inti Briones
  • Editor Soledad Salfate
  • Sound Editor Cristian Freund
  • Sound Engineer Manuel Robles
  • Mixing Jean-Guy Véran
  • Decorator Olivier Laberge
  • Chief Hairdresser Francisca Torres
  • Makeup Artist Maria Izquierdo
  • 1st Assistant Director Constanza Majluf
  • Production Manager José Luis Rivas
  • Press Officer Chloé Lorenzi
  • Coproducer Bruno Bettati
  • Nicolas Comeau
  • Julie Gayet
  • Nadia Turincev
  • Augusto Matte
  • Cristián Jiménez
  • Coproduction Jirafa Films
  • Coproduction 1976 Productions
  • Rouge international