18 August 2016

Sophie Marceau in Jailbird at Angouleme

The film Audrey Estrougo in theaters in september …

Jail Birds by Audrey Estrougo will be presented in preview at the Francophone Film Festival of Angouleme on August 26 and released in theaters on September 14 by Rezo Films.

Sophie Marceau, Alice Belaïdi, Anne Le Ny, Eye Haïdara, Naidra Ayadi, Aurore Broutin, Nailia Harzoune, Benjamin Siksou and Carole Franck will accompany the film to Angouleme before a provincial tour.

In order to save the man she loves from jail, Mathilde takes his place by helping his break-out.
While she exclusively relies on him to survive in this prison setting, Mathilde has not heard from him since her imprisonment.
Isolated, with her son as her only support, she is now identified by the inmate number 383205-B.
Will Mathilde become a convict like any other one?

Audrey Estrougo self-taught filmmaker, directed his first feature film at 21 years old, Regarde-moi. After the musical comedy Toi, moi, les autres and Une Histoire banale, Jail Birds is the fourth feature film of this talented director. Through very different films, Audrey Estrougo imposes a committed and radical cinema.

Surrounded by great actresses (Suzanne Clément, Anne Le Ny, Eye Haidara, Marie-Sohna Conde, Carole Franck, Nailia Harzoune, Aurore Broutin, Alice Belaïdi …), Sophie Marceau fills the screen and is undoubtedly, in one of its roles most unexpected.
Check out the trailer here!

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